• tetra.model.feature1

    Tetra Wall

    Kingdom is proud to reveal our latest creation…

  • glass_office

    Clover Sites

    Creating a space for creating spaces. Kingdom designs a detail rich vibrant space for Clover, a web development company.

  • Furniture.sketches


    Designed for the human form. We love to design and build furniture that loves us back. Get your piece of the Kingdom here.

  • Nation

    American Bible Society Dynamic Modules

    In September 2011, ABS asked Kingdom to help them dream of an innovative and meaningful way to communicate with their intended audience…the people of New York City.

  • cimmaron

    Borrego Ranch Resort & Spa

    In the arid expanse of the Anza Borrego Valley, there lies a diamond in the desert.

  • Lanz-1

    Modern Country

    A European client moving into American suburb asks Kingdom for modern country… white oak and shaker style doors, but with a few twists.

  • focus_deck

    Art Series for Suspendist

    A handcrafted series of original images for our very own upcoming product Suspendist

  • Spar.rear

    Spår Objects

    A desk that defies more than gravity. The first programmable wooden surface.

  • living

    Watanabi Residence

    At-tract-tive! A progressive interior that breaks all the norms for living on a cul-de-sac in suburbia.

  • Kindness

    Super Shorts

    A series of ‘Super Shorts’ (30-60 seconds) for American Bible Society


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