Transformative Design

Vagaries of emotion, perceptions built upon past experience, equilibrium, hope for the future. We think these are the building blocks that are considered when we design an architectural experience. Whether it be a person’s signature or a corporate office, a chair or the contents of a cameras viewfinder. It might sound overly philosophical to some, but it’s these things that begin to inspire us and direct our creativity.


At some point, all our clients think we’re crazy…

We’re ok with that. It means we’ve gone past what they know and entered into a space that might frighten them a little. Go a bit further, and we may find something totally new. Our best and favorite clients are those that are willing to take a journey like that.

We believe that designing with these considerations in mind, yields a body of work that inspires, directs conversation, changes the atmosphere, creates culture! Designing outside of these considerations likely ends up being forgotten as soon as it is accomplished. We have little interest in that kind of business. We want to design things of beauty and timelessness; things that evoke a deeper sensibility within people. We want to create things that drive people to respond either positively or negatively; amplify or absorb, if even subconsciously. We develop an undercurrent of narrative within our spaces that takes advantage of tension and relief, creating meaningful experiences.

To us, this is design.

Profound moments unfold when everyday objects or projects are transformed with innovative design. Innovation disrupts the old way of doing things. It transforms the mundane: introducing elegance and meaning into the system. Innovation requires a deep understanding of the human need; the imagination to connect seemingly unrelated ideas or technologies; and a systematic approach to deriving meaning from observation, imagining a better tomorrow, then charting a course to make it so.

More than converting ideas into consumer value, more than identifying problems and solving needs. Great innovation makes the world a better place as it unlocks something within our humanity. Great innovation allows us to experience beauty in relationships and explore our creativity, sometimes by eliminating the average, and sometimes by re-connecting us to all that is beautiful about the human experience. The process: Observe the world. Listen for understanding. Unfold the insights.

Visualize. Prototype. Evaluate. Refine. Execute.


A great idea is only as good as a person’s ability to bring others to understanding.

One of the great strengths of Kingdom Industry is our ability to bring understanding to the client. Kingdom has a unique ability to reach into the nature and core of a story/thought/idea and extract a perspective that is important and, often times, undiscovered. We are meticulous with our words and apt to act as guides in the creative process. To not only generate creative solutions, but to mentor them out of your process.

Our designs speak in subtleties, yet the depths of thought and direction are a shared experience with our clients. Nothing is more rewarding to Kingdom than to have a client feel that they are better designers/artist/producers having worked with us.


… Shared dreams are better.